Our club was founded in 1979 and has grown from the half-dozen families that made up the core group back then to the 250 families that belong today. Many changes have occurred over the last 35 years, not only with the sport of snowmobiling but within the club. Grooming equipment has evolved from a converted sidewalk plow to the machines you see on the trails today. Meeting locations have moved from private homes to restaurants and meeting halls, to the present clubhouse. But throughout the purpose of the club has never changed, which is to promote the sport of snowmobiling and make it a safe and enjoyable sport for the entire family.


Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club 2023 Season

Good afternoon

Just an FYI: The club has a meeting this Sunday

January 22, 2023 at the clubhouse at 5pm.

  [Please note change of time]

We will be having pizza and subs after the meeting.

Bring your own beverage!



Despite Mother Nature’s NON-Cooperation!!!


Our clubhouse will be open on weekends starting this Saturday, January 14th from 8 am to 2 pm.


Please join us.  Marie will be there to offer refreshments.


Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club


P.O. Box 115, Jefferson NH 03583



Email: contact@waumbekmethna.com  


It is in part to your generosity that we are able to continue with our club.  If you would like to donate to the club, please click on the below link.  We appreciate all donations, big or small. 


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2022-2023 Membership Newsletter

Greetings from Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club in Jefferson New Hampshire.  As summer quickly turns into fall our thoughts turn to the 2022-2023 snowmobile season.  

For any snowmobile club to be successful it takes a year round effort with many volunteers to work on projects to provide great trails. However, the club members that started our club are getting on in years and for our club to survive we need younger members to step forward.  There are many different ways to help, such as bridge repair, painting, signs, trail maintenance, club board members, fund raising, equipment repair, or maybe you have a special talent that can help.  Please contact the club and help keep WMSC going strong.

Every season volunteers need to stake and rope off the Waumbek Golf Course.  PLEASE STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS THROUGHOUT OUR WHOLE TRAIL SYSTEM (or any clubs trail system).  If you venture off the marked trail on the golf course repairs are in the thousands of dollars and the TRAIL WILL BE CLOSED.

The club is in the process of procuring grant money to purchase a new groomer and drag. Once we get firm commitments we will announce it on our Website.

Our Annual Steak Feed will be February 19th, 2023 from 9am to 3pm, hopefully we will be able to hold the cost of the ticket to $20.00.  It will include a 12oz. Steak/Baked Potato/Coleslaw/Drink and a Dessert.  There will also be a Poker Run, 50/50 Raffle and a good time.  Tickets will be available from Club Officers or by contacting the club at contact@waumbekmethna.com.

NHSA is again sponsoring the 2023 Super Raffle   

There will be many great prizes including a 2023 Ski-Doo MXZ 600 Sport EFI sled and a 2022 Polaris 550 Indy LXT 2-UP sled.  Also, two enclosed trailers and many more prizes will be awarded. (See NHSA.com for more Super Raffle Details)  Tickets are $20.00 per ticket and the proceeds benefit the participating member clubs.  It is important that you purchase the ticket from the club you support.   The proceeds that our club earns is based on the number of tickets the club sells. The drawing will be on February 5, 2023, at the Town & Country Motor Inn. Tickets will be available from club officers or by contacting the club at contact@waumbekmethna.com.  Request your tickets early as they sell out fast  SOLD OUT… THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO BOUGHT TICKETS

Trail maps will be available at the clubhouse, The Corner Store, Garneau’s Garage, The Jefferson Inn or by contacting the club: contact@waumbekmethna.com

We know it takes all of us to work together to support WMSC to provide great trails.  Each and every member is important to the club’s success.  Again this year we ask you to join WMSC by completing the membership application that is attached to this newsletter and also available on the club’s website:  waumbekmethna.com.  But NHSA has made it very easy to renew directly from your home.  This new membership page (nhsamembership.com) is designed to make it a simple process from your phone, tablet, or computer and you will receive a membership voucher automatically after completing the transaction.  Whether you prefer online or by mail, please try to complete your membership renewal early, as this information is needed for the discount when you register your machines.


Thank You to the many members who also include a generous donation.  These funds help to fuel those hungry Groomers!


WMSC Meetings are held at the clubhouse at 5pm. (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME)

The meeting Dates are as follows:

November 6th and 20th   December 4th and 18th      January 8th and 22nd

February 5th and 19th    March 5th and 19th  and  April 2nd


Trails do not open until December 15th snow conditions permitting…..


Thank you to the Paul Bunyan Riders of Wisconsin for this great advice…




*Stay off the trails until they open


*Only travel on marked trails


*Obey all snowmobile trail signs


*Don’t cut corners. Stay on the trails


*Remember, if you leave a marked trail you are trespassing 


*Stop at all stop signs


*Do Not Litter


*Respect the land and people


*Join a Club








Our Club Trails are Closed at this time!


Complete registration and membership information can be found by clicking the following link:




Please respect our generous landowners.


Stay on the trails and thank a landowner for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy some of the best riding in New Hampshire!


CLUBHOUSE NEWS:  Our clubhouse is a busy place.  Please plan ahead if you would like to reserve use of the clubhouse or the tables/chairs. 


To reserve contact Debbie at contact@waumbekmethna.com or by calling 603-586-7764 and leave a message


  To avoid scheduling conflicts please do not remove items without first checking the calendar.  Thank you!








Our Club House is located on Route 2 (116 Presidential Highway) Jefferson, NH also accessible from Corridor 5 Trail.

The trails map will be available for sale at the Old Corner Store, the club house, and other locations in town.